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Been seriously thinking about purchasing a small

manshion/apartment in the Yuzawa or Hakuba region, to use mainly in the winter. But wondering

if anyone here has already gone that route and has

any advice? For example, is there anything to do

at Yuzawa in the spring?? Any ideas on the price

range there? It's gotta be waaay cheaper than

property here in Tokyo...




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In case anyone is interested, I did find a the

website of a company specializing in resort-

manshions (including the Yuzawa region).


Probably could find something ok between

1 and 3 million yen. Kanri fees are a bit

expensive, though, since the idea is only to

be there during the winter. oh well...


Anyone have an idea on what it's like to

actually live in Yuzawa, though??



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