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Good morning.


OK, I have a bit of news to post.


As you may or may not be aware, over the last six months or so we have made a number of major changes to SnowJapan.


First of all there was these new Forums back in September, followed by us launching new functionality like Route Finder, and then the new SnowJapanResorts website.


There are some more big changes ahead, actually very likely they will be the biggest changes so far, and in preparation for these things we need to make a server move. This will be a pretty major upgrade to our home environment, which should see us good for the coming years.


That move is going to take place this week.


Without getting into the techical details, during this week there may well be some issues on the main snowjapan.com site - a few things may go wonky for (hopefully) a short period of time as nameserver stuff gets sorted out. Most likely, things like the weather forecast data, snow depth data and the timing of the Now reports.


There may well also be a bit of site downtime, but we will do all that we can to keep that to a minimum. We are really hoping that there will actually be no downtime at all, but there's always a chance of things happening in a complex move like this. We may also be turning the Forums off when we need to.


Obviously, in lots of ways this is not the best time of the year to do this move, but circumstance means that we need to get it done now.


Anyway, sorry in advance for any disruption to 'normal service' and hope that in the end it will be an almost invisible change to everyone viewing the site.





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