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Introducing... SnowJapan Route Finder

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Introducing SnowJapan Route Finder


In October 2010 we introduced individual map pages for every ski and snowboard resort listed in our Resorts section and all of the accommodations listed on the Places to Stay section of SnowJapan.

This year we introduce a way to find directions and plan routes to and from ski resorts, hotels or indeed any address in Japan.

We hope that people will find this new Route Finder functionality to provide a lot of fun as well as being useful --- even for people who do not use cars for their journeys.

Ever wondered where Hakuba is in relation to Nozawa Onsen? Or Shiga Kogen? Or where Yuzawa is compared with Myoko? Or how to get from Niseko to Rusutsu? Or how many km it is from Niseko to Kiroro Snow World?....

These things can easily be found using Route Finder.

You can find routes, view large versions of the maps, send a link to yourself your friends....


We have created 3 types of Route Finder - a general page and also a page for each resort (470+) and accommodation (200+) on our site.




Using this page you can must specify a Starting Point and Destination Point. Multiple destination points possible. This will give you a Route from A to B (to C to D...)




Links to Route Finder can be found on every Resort page (and prefecture listing page) on SnowJapan.

Sample of Resorts Route Finder:


Using this page, the desination will always be the specified resort - so you choose a Starting Point and the map will tell you the way to get to that ski resort.




Links to Route Finder can be found on every Places to Stay page (and prefecture listing page) on SnowJapan.

Sample of Accommodation Route Finder:


Using these pages, the desination will always be the specified accommodation - so you choose a Starting Point and the map will tell you the way to get to that accommodation.





We have prepared a Help page that explains the functionality - you can find that here:



**** Please be sure to read the important information regarding Japanese text, the possibility of incorrect routes as well as the disclaimer on the above page ****

We know that it is not 'perfect', but we hope that people will nevertheless find it to be a really useful tool and also a lot of fun.


Here's a few example routes we found earlier:


Hakuba to Nozawa Onsen

(Large map)


(Within site)



Myoko Suginohara to Iwappara

(Large map)


(Within site)



Over the coming weeks we plan to add some of these kinds of links for popular routes to the Travel section of the site.


We have done a lot of testing on this functionality, but as with all things as complex as this it is possible that bugs will be found. If so, we would like to hear about them.


Hope you enjoy it!




If you would like to comment on this please do so in this topic:


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