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Originally Posted By: Slippery Jim
Korbzy, if you're coming to Tokyo PM me and I'll tell you where you can buy them here. Price, FYI, is 14,000 yen.
I was there at the start of this year, and wont be coming till start of 2012 for my next japan trip.

im going to germany in 2 weeks, hopefully i can find a seller around there. cheers slippery!

I would buy on the internet but last time i did that the size didnt fit. I would rather try on this time biggrin
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Originally Posted By: thursday
Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver
Originally Posted By: Korbzy

what type of balm do you put on the leather and is it cheap/expensive ?

think you use Kreemofsumyung-gai

I thought that was your favourite soup.

nah....its a bit too cheesy for me
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