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Sunday might be a bit better, but you will still hit some traffic when you are passing through Tokyo and Chiba. I live in central Tokyo and I ve never made it to Hakuba in less than 3.5 hours. It usually takes me 4 to 4.5 hours. Since you are coming from Narita add 1 more hour driving. The total root from Narita to Hakuba is about 350 km, 300 of witch on the highway and 50 on local roads.

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5 hours is a good estimate.

The time lost is not on the expressway but getting onto it and then once you get off it it's close to an hour to get into hakuba.


No need to go through Matsumoto...there is a shorter faster way...


4 hours if you get absolutely no problems.

If you hit any peak hour traffic you'll lose an hour easily.

If you draw a straight line from Narita to Hakuba I'm on it...

I live about 50kms from Narita and if I went there at midnight, I could do it in an hour.

If I leave my place at midnight I can get to Hakuba in 3 hours.



This is the way I'd go...avoids all Tokyo traffic...

Narita to Hakuba




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