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Found 5 results

  1. Guy Zudkevich

    Buying gear in Japan

    Hi Im planning of snowboarding in Myoko for 8 weeks next winter . How are the prices of snowboarding gear in Japan compared to the us ? where do you recommend buying gear in Tokyo or Myoko ?
  2. Guy Zudkevich

    Snowboard gear shipping

    Hi there I'm planning of snowboarding next winter in Myoko for 8 weeks. After Myoko I’m planning of backpacking through Asia. Is it possible to send my snowboard gear (snowboard bag) back home (overseas) while I continue my trip? I would love to get some information how I can do it. Thanks
  3. Is Niseko still the best place to ski compared to other European and American ski resorts? Where is the most reasonable place to stay in Hokkaido and ski?
  4. Right, ive waxed my charlie slasher, and it looks all happy, but it needs one more thing to make it truly stoked. It needs to look like a pair of very fat skis. Now sometime last year i heard about that dude in hakuba who does it, but i think i annoyed him by dithering on whether or not i could find the time to come to hakuba to do it. But the lure of bottomless powder is strong again. Im starting to smell it in the air, so im thinking "i should cut my charlie slasher in half and then spend an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money on a splitboard kit, some new special bindings, crampons, and skins, thatll make it feel properly like winter!". I doubt ill ever understand the point of money as an abstract commodity. So lets not dwell on it. Anyone know shops happy to do a split for a nice cheap price? The dude in hakuba was throwing around numbers like 60k all in (well, for the split - no inside edging - skins and the voile kit). Which is kinda fair, but im not one for happily handing over the price of a new snowboard to basically snap the one i have in half and make it semi usable. Note to self: DO TRY AND REMEMBER YOU CRETIN, THAT SNOW SHOES ARE NOT ONLY MASSIVELY UNWIELDY BUT ALSO VERY EXPENSIVE. SO FACTOR THAT INTO YOUR MOANING ABOUT COSTS YOU THICK PLANK!!! Hmmm, weird, i just woke up to all that shouting. :?
  5. Hey guys, after reading how low the pound is to the yen right now, I thought I'd have a look around the US online snow shops and see what's out there. EVO are selling a Rome Headline 2011 snowboard for the princely sum of 17k of the emperor's lovely yen......on the face of it thats a damn good bargain!! My question is, has anyone used this board or other Rome boards? If so, how are they in general? I've had a look around for reviews and they are pretty positive, just looking to get some real feedback as opposed to the stuff on shop sites. Thanks. TB


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