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  1. The dates been announced. I honestly think its going to happen. I think it because the reaction from the media in London has been "Of course they wont! Theyre not stupid!" And to be honest, thats red rag to a bull stuff right there. We are a stubborn people. If youd have put this question in 1989 even at the time of the poll tax protests (whats this English people? The poll tax riots ocurred in 1990 you say??!??), and even with by then 10 years of Thatcher, a referendum would have failed. Now i really dont think it will. Its just something thats time and arguably if its not taken now, it likely never will. Its a big deal. Much bigger than its being portrayed (Alex Salmonds vanity project). In truth id vote yes for it. But then again i was about 8 years old when i decided. I was driving back to my shit life in Lincolnshire where i was bullied for being Scottish (after spending a shit time in Ayrshire where i was bullied for being English) when i saw a road sign that had grafitti on it saying Free Scotland. And immediately i was radicalised. Just goes to show that if you want people to come simpering back, ostracize them and theyll out radical you with their attempt to belong. So ive wanted a free and independent scotland for almost as long as ive known as some kind of misguided attempt to right the wrong of being moved about from the age of 5. Then again, i was on the train in 2009 visiting me maw before heading to Korea for 2 years and just crossed the border. It was getting late, the sun was near setting and the light was beautiful stretching across the lowlands. I took it in and thought to myself "id happy die for this land!" It took all of a second for my incredulity to snap back at me that were i to be daft enough to go to war for it, id just be replacing one tyrant for another; one land baron for another. The place can go to hell. Nationalism is ****ing stupid. But i guess where you decide to prioritise your spending isnt. And my genuine feeling (and the values pushed into my by my grandparents) is that this isnt so much an experiment to see if scotland can exist side by side with the rest of the world as an independent nation. But whether it can deliver on the promise of egality that the people believe they live by. Its a smaller thing than people think driving this. And at the same time its so much more radical (and pragmatic) than people realise. And i think its why the union is going to lose the argument. They keep beating the "scotland is too small, too poor, too dependent" drum. And theyre missing the real groundswell of this. Its not about status, its about morality and responsibility. Its a chance to martyr ourselves to our belief in who we are as a people. Its pure romance. But its not romance of the long past in Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge. No ones going to war here. No one hates the English anymore (except my sister). Its romance of the 50s and 60s when Keynsianism, the consensus and the unions held sway. Its the world my grandad grew up in. Its nostalgia for a more equitable and fair/regulated capitalism. You watch. Thats whats driving this. And because its something tangible, practical, doable; not just some dream about an ancient free scotland, theyll vote yes. Ah, i do love a shaggy dog story.


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