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Found 5 results

  1. Tsugaike Kogen in Hakuba, Nagano is open (only the top of the mountain) and conditions are good! If you're not too far away, its worth the trip to brush up your skills for the season!
  2. So I just learned that there was a pretty large 1.5 slab avalanche on the Hiyodori slide path above Tsugaike on Monday, February 11th (yesterday). The slide crossed the higher cat track and went as far as the second one. Does anyone have any more info on this - was it skier triggered? Was anyone hurt or injured?
  3. I went up to Nagano's Tsugaike resort last weekend and they were having a discounted price if you are a resident of Nagano. I believe it continues until the end of the month. It was around a 600 yen discount. So not too much but, hey thats basically a free lunch.
  4. I have a guest coming to stay with me for a while this winter and want to take him riding around Hakuba/Otari for a few days. I am looking for any suggestions or recommendations for simple, minimalistic accomodation in the area. I will be taking him to Cortina and Tsugaike mainly, and looking to stay somewhere for maybe 3 nights without breaking the bank! Any help would be greatly appreciated. NECK.
  5. So the JTB multi resort pass is available to buy now. It seems to have 2 extra resorts added from last season. Last season I bought this pass and continued using it at Tsugaike and Kashimayari well into April, maybe even until May. It is a great pass for sure and I am 90% sure I will get it again this season. On the JTB website, it seems to say that the pass can only be used until March 31st. Does this mean that the pass expires earlier than it did last season? I called the JTB staff and asked them about this (in my limited Japanese), and the old guy on the line seemed to think that it
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