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  1. I know stereotypes always get people worked up, but a lot of times they have some truth in them. I'm just trying to get the "big picture." I was hoping to get some one liners on the following resorts: Niseko Furano Rusutsu Hakuba Shiga Kogen Zao Onsen Naeba Nozawa Onsen Myoko Kogen I'm the one who needs this info, but here is what I've gathered so far. I know I'm probably totally off, haha; Niseko -- Basically an Australian resort with great off-piste and powder. Furano -- Less busy than Niseko, with no off-piste. Rusutsu -- Less developed with no
  2. Maybe my question wasn't too clear, sorry. I guess I'm just wondering if the ski resorts have certain reputations. Like, In the USA, Steamboat is known for "champagne powder" while Vail is known for attracting a lot of rich international skiers, and Aspen is known for having a lot of movie star visits. Do Japanese resorrts have any repurations like this? I think Niseko has a reputation for attracting tons of australians?
  3. I've searched through. I guess I'm just not seeing major differences between Hokkaido and Honshu, except that Hokkaido may be a little less developed and more of a nature destination. It also seems a bit colder. Does this seem accurate?
  4. Everyone keeps talking about Niseko, but is the snow really that great? I thought a lot of snow in japan was wet because of the humidity? Is this wrong?
  5. Hi, What is the difference between Hokkaido and Honshu? What is the skiing like on each island? Are there major differentiating features?
  6. All of the resorts in Japan sound great, but what are the differences between them? What are the top resorts known for? It sounds like all of them have great snow & terrain -- but is there any differentiation? Thanks for your help!
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