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  1. Thanks. Was always wondering if I should head down to South America. A buddy of mine and I plan to visit and board as many continents/land masses (with decent resorts/terrain) as much as we can before we hang up our boards.


    Went to the Wanaka region in 2006, including some Heli... great terrain, huge mountains, but in terms of snow I've definitely been spoiled in Japan. 2005/2006 was tremendous in Japan too.. with resorts in Nagano/Niigata getting 50cm dumps every other day. :o


    On the list: Russia, the Euro Alps, south America.. and of course heli at Valdez and Nepal. Now to find 2 more jobs so that I can save enough. biggrin

  2. What Tubby Beaver said.


    It's not about quantity, but quality. I'll rather go for a smaller number of trips (to good resorts with good snow conditions) vs. a larger number of trips to crappy resorts. GALA is convenient, but not great.


    So car pooling or discount bus trips are your best best.



    Students are rich nowadays, I couldn't afford to go more than once a year back when I was a student. :o

  3. Yahoo Insurance for winter sports includes coverage for rescue (includes Helicopter I guess). Applicants have to be Japan residents though.


    Anyone know of any insurance companies that offer global coverage for international buyers? We need coverage for the following:


    1. Singapore resident - off piste boarding in Japan

    2. Singapore and Japan residents - off piste boarding in Gulmarg, India

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