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  1. Going Up!

    Going up Iwaonupuri

    Riding Dow!

    Riding down Iwaonupuri

    Going Home!

    Heading back to Annupuri with Iwaonupuri in the background

    Best attempted when visibility is good. The views are way more awesome too, especially if you ride down (towards Goshiki Onsen) an hour or two before the sun goes down. It's a short trek back towards Annupuri. from Goshiki onsen (30 minutes max), hike up over the ridge and drop back into one of the bowls that will bring you back to the base of the Annupuri gondola.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments folks.


    The footage came from various devices.


    4:3 aspect ratio footage was taken from a friend's old school JVC DVD quality (720x480 progressive) DVCAM.


    16:9 aspect ratio footage came from a 3 year old Canon IVIS AVCHD camera, most of the footage was recorded at 9Mbps 1080p 30fps, I should have recorded at 25Mbps!! The 1st person footage (they look kind of blurry due to the fixed focus nature of the lens) is 1080p 30fps footage from a Contour VHoldR 1080p head mounted cam.


    Software - Sony Vegas Pro 9. The non-pro $99 Vegas Movie Platinum works just as well, but I already splurged on the pro version for some other video work. It is one of the best Non Linear Editors I've used, especially for editing high definition footage. Native file format support is fantastic! Just drag and drop the files into the media bin and start editing away!


    What I've learned is that shooting video footage is a lot of hard work, and definitely gets in the way of riding. Less than 10% of the footage is usable, and probably less than 1% of the footage can be considered decent. :( Oh well, lots to learn!

  3. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain

    Mt. Fuji (I know it's not a resort but I look at it everyday all through the winter and dream about doing it. The only thing holding me back is finding a partner who is up to the challenge. Any takers?)

    The conditions will be terrible, and inclement weather will probably kills us, but I might like to check it out sometime.

    BTW Kamui is one of my favorite resorts in Japan. The liberal riding policy is beyond awesome.

    My own list:

  4. Ryoma, thanks for all the info about Nozawa Onsen.


    Nozawa Onsen might not have the best snow (compared to Hokkaido), but overall, my friends and I unanimously agree that it's the best resort in all of Japan. Keep up the good work and we hope to keep supporting the local economy in the years to come.


    Let the ski patrol staff know that it's the forbidden areas that keep us coming back year after year. wink

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