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  1. Damn, my arse looks so big in that last picture.... I'll post a few of my photos, but they are mostly identical. ummm.. how do I post photos?
  2. Hey, does anyone know where you can DL that scare tactic video about the Montana guys... I wanna show a buddy. Mike said it was on their site, but I can't find it for the life of me.... oh sorry, just found it..... forget it.
  3. Whoops, for some reason, I thought that all replies would go to my personal email - as none came - I figured that no one was keen! Damn - I totally should have checked this out. Anyway, it was a great course - bloody long days though... Anyway, own up - who is actually who - I'm Daniel.... I'll post some photos soon - Has anyone else posted photos?
  4. I'm planning to do the Everygreen Basic Avalanche course March 1-2. I'm driving from Tokyo (Setagaya-ku) probably that Friday night. If any one is interested to join me, I have spare seats in the car. Let me know if you'd be keen to come along daniel
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