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  1. Outback Aus is undeniably the most peaceful place to view stars. When I was visiting an Aboriginal settlement near Uluru, a few of us went hunting and made a camp in the bush. Didn't sleep for pretty much the whole night becuase the heavens were so mad beautiful, I had to look and look, and look some more.

  2. Howdy everyone! I just got to thinking, it might be fun to start a thread on what you would buy if you had a substantial amount of cash lying about the place with nothing to do. Lets avoid the "I would save the money for my kids" or other such fine examples of thrift. And lets make it actually realistic, say if you saved for long enough you could actually buy the item.


    I'm sure everyone has a list of items that are always just out of reach because of financial constraints. So, if you could afford it what would you buy? 3 items only!

    Let's wishing!


    1. An expensive sportsbike like a Ducati or even a Bimota. > AU$30,000

    2. A set of top of the line Roland TD-20 V-Drums. about JP¥500,000

    3. A Meade RCX-400 telescope. about AU$17,000


  3. Howdy spaceboy! wave.gif Astronomy rocks! Where I am in Nagano is nice and high and when the skies are clear, there's some great viewing to be had. Pity I have no 'scope. If I bought the one I want my girlfriend would kill me then break up with me. Its on the list of things I will buy if I get rich!

  4. I agree. Playing around with your students isn't a good thing. Unless you know you are going back home in a couple of months. I admit I was a complete dodgy bastard back in my NOVA days, but I was surprised at the amount of willing participants out for a quick hows-yer-father \:o

  5. Tsonda, you deserve it mate! Up to 18 days, nice.


     Originally Posted By: thursday.
    maybe he could drive one of those trucks around and lecture people too.


    Yeah, but whats the bet he'd end up lecturing just the female staff, in private. And he won't even have to turn the hydraulics on ;\)

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