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  1. Intesting on the MS stuff:


    Microsoft’s Surface heads-up to PC partners was at most a three day warning, OEM insiders claim, with Windows head Steven Sinofsky outlining sketchy details in a series of short calls last Friday. The Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets came as almost a complete surprise to hardware partners in the US and Taiwan, Reuters‘ sources at the firms have insisted, with Sinofsky’s calls failing to confirm either then name or the specifications of the slates. However, at least one high-profile PC manufacturer has suggested that Microsoft’s plans for the Surface brand are short-lived.


    Acer founder Stan Shih argues that Microsoft is merely looking to fuel interest in next-gen Windows tablets, DigiTimes reports, giving existing OEMs a kick in creating their own models. Once that has happened, Shih suggests, Microsoft will likely bow out of the hardware market, so as not to face ongoing marketing, distribution and aftersales headaches.

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