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  1. Question that was bothering me that I wanted to ask about before I leave for Japan,

    what type of temperatures do the video cameras people use at the ski resorts operate in?

    I have a sony HD cam which dad said froze (stopped responding) in poland at about -5, and started working again when he had it back in the car, I dont know if it was just the video camera freaking out or because of the cold temperatures but the manual does say operating temp 0 to 40c, anyone else had simular problems?

  2. Hi,

    on the 18th Jan im flying into Nagoya and landing at about 10pm, I don’t have a epassport so im assuming its going to be an hour or two before I get out of the airport, from Nagoya airport how do you get to the train station?


    And how many people can be expected to be on the trains at 1amish in the morning? After our flight lands we where planning to catch trains to hakuba

    Nagoya Ltd.Exp. WideViewShinano to Matsumoto at 12.30am

    then Matsumoto JR Oito Line to Hakuba at 3.04am

    Reason im asking is would it just be better to carry our snowboard bags as luggage on the train or send them by takkyubin?


    Our lodge accom said they can leave our room key on the desk so we can come in at 5am~ and check in, in the morning. And the lodge is about a 500m walk from the station.


    Also how do you go about purchasing the train tickets? Is it simply through a ticket machine and a separate ticket should be purchased in nagoya and matsumoto?


    Thanks for all your help!



  3. Buying in Japan will probably be cheaper than shops in Aust, genrally if you bought an all mountain board its going to be fine for aust/japan, just for powder people genrally want a longer board for more float on the soft surface, although that setup I had posted above would be fine for my freind in both aust and japan, he waited to long though and now the boards sold out, it was from http://www.sierrasnowboard.com/ but they dont ship to Aust so you would have to use a 3rd party to ship like a freind or service like this http://www.shopanyamericanstore.com.

    Remember most important part of your setup is your boots, if you have bad boots your going to have a crap time, also depending on your boot size you might need a wide board, this helps prevent toe/heel drag which is bad, do you know your current snowboard boot size?


    About the rental Domokun was saying seeing the aussie seasons over, aussie renters only buissness now is to people going overseas hence you can probably talk a good deal because they dont have much buisness at the moment.


    Also you had said you dont know whats supposed to feel right, i'm not sure about in Japan but in Australia during the ski season many stores allow you to try there demo model at rental cost, and if you like the setup they usually sell you the gear, minus the original rental cost, although you'll probably end up paying premium.


    if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

  4. no you can walk from K's to goryu/47 but other resorts u need train/shuttle, check out the map on k's website it gives you a good indication.


    What type of riding do you plan to do in hakuba? from what i've read goryu/47 dont like people going off piste/tree runs and will strip your pass pretty quickly? Also goryu/47 do have a 5 day ticket whats pretty good value, but from what I understand you want to check out a veriety of resorts (same as to what i've planned) and will probably spending 2 or so days at each?

  5. Hi,

    either of those dates sound great for hakuba, I've actually booked at K's House Hauba Alps for 16 nights although i've never been there, its a bit out of the way though, so to get to most resorts presides goryu/47 you have to catch the train then shuttle bus. Echoland is ment to be the most centralised area for getting to any resort as its right in the middle, but I beleive this means higher bed prices. Also the train to happo is free, but past there you have to pay a train fare. If you look at the snowjapan website and search seperate resorts it has the tickets available as well as costs. most range from 30-4000yen a day. Also if you've done skiing before you'll probably pick up snowboarding at a decent pace, i'd recommend doing a beginners lesson then assessing yourself if you beleive you want to take further lessons. In hakuba theres no multipass for resorts, goryu/47 tickets work on either resort as i beleive there owned by the same company.

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