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  1. well like i said, i heard that the big areas of japan will have good powder no matter what, so i might as well get some sweet park in where possible.
  2. "Rico you are about the first person that wants to come to Japan to ride park Sad indeed" you mean its sad i want to or sad more people don't? i'm confused. also i don't just want to ride park there. i had just heard that the powder is sick anywhere you head to the big areas in japan so i thought i would try and combine some of that legendary powder with the most entertaining park and nightlife i could find. i would head back to the states but i cant get enough time off work to make it worthwhile so i figured japan is reasonably close to OZ and i have never been there so i'll
  3. so if i wnated to head to the hakuba region, mostly to ride park, 47 or yanaba, in feb, how many days will the park be wrecked by snow? also how intense are the ski patrol? people's reviews - though half of the reviewers seem pretty lame - are so mixed up, can i ride all of the off piste on these deep powder days without getting caught easy enough?
  4. packed ay? i was told earlier that the takasu area isn't nearly as good for powdering up though. if i wanted to ride mainly park but with a few powder days when they arise, can i easily transfer between these two areas, i see on the map that they are reasonably close. like is it a trip you'd try for a day? or would you take a few days to the other if you were staying at one.
  5. i spent last season in a combination of aspen hitting up the buttermilk x games park, and also in mammoth hitting up... well mammoth, which was totally sick, but the x games pipe had it all over the mammoth one. so i don't want to ride any half assed parks like niseko sounds. i am loving these reports of takasu and of hakuba, have looked at them in a bit of detail, its pretty rough trying to negotiate websites in japanese to find park pics when you don't speak japanese. but the takasu snow park does hit the spot.
  6. i am talking about just a couple of weeks. probably 12 -14 days riding.
  7. do i need a XXXXXL NBA singlet to go over everything too? and a distinct lack of riding ability to go with all my schizzle gear?
  8. sick, i'll look into those. what about bandai and aizu in fukushima? have you seen their parks?
  9. yeah, i mean parks as in jumping parks, pipes, walls, rails. i spent last season in colorado and california and since this season in aus. sucked ass i am hanging out to ride park again and am going to japan.
  10. If i were to go to Japan and wanted to see parks as far and wide as the eye could see, where else besides the niseko region would i look?
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