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  1.  Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh
    Wow, looks fantastic. Is that illegal section the face you mentioned before that has huge slides once every blue moon?

    That's it. As a whole, its shrubs and trees anchor everything in. But- all those little rolly patches rip every time I go in there. Basically, every run I have had in there (around a dozen or so) just ended up being a run of snow-management, just kicking off mini slabs and very few turns in the bottom tree section. It's not really worth the effort. If it ever gets a huge dump, those little rolly patches team up and rip out trees. I'm not sure if the resort management has ever seen that face during a bad cycle. But the tree growth signifies it. (bye-bye lower basin.) Maybe they would close the lower basin if those shrubs up high finally got buried.
  2. First of all, thanks for the advice. Today rocked. New snow, sunshine, barely below freezing temps, no wind... just moving snow.


    The Ohayo shot...



    The Valley... (it is very rare that we can see it.)



    Some OB... (this place is always wind-loaded waiting to rip.)




    The Illegal Stuff... it got ridden by someone today. Not me. I'm quite sure Zao would ban me for skiing that on the busiest, sunniest, most avy-prone day of the year. Ironically, while on the oposite side of the mountain, I saw a life-flight chopper hovering above this peak and bowl. I don't know why. But I'm really curious.



    Can you see my diving-board?...



    Entering Tarzan's Lair...






    Today rocked. And working tomorrow will be easy.

  3. I don't understand. Doesn't adding one (abroad) game to the season not hurt the fans? I'm not a fan, but when I hear guys on TV complain about it not being fair to the locals, I just don't get it.


    Guys were actually complaing about having to travel to see all the games. What am I missing? They're not losing any previously scheduled games.

  4. Which do you prefer?


    I can pretty much only ride once a week this winter outside holidays. (Shut up about this weekend being a holiday.) And I can either ride Saturday or Sunday this week.


    Saturday will be sunny-- then it's going to puke.


    Sunday will be deep.


    Either day, I'll be on the same untouched, avi-safe lines... both days will be fresh. But the snow on Saturday will be faster than the snow on Sunday which will be blower. Saturday's snow will have had a day of settling and a cooling w/o wind (making it fast.)



  5.  Originally Posted By: AK 77
     Originally Posted By: samurai
    A buddy of mine just got the fish. loves it. Says it's the most versatile powder board ever. Apparently the hardpack performance rocks.

    Winner: Most sarcastic comment in thread.
    Prize: A mogul skiing holiday in Eastern Europe.

    My sarcasm sucks. I thought he said "fish". He's a pro racer and can keep up with me, so something's right. ;\)
  6. I'd rather have Obama than Clinton on the democratic end. But McCain will win. (That's my prediction anyway.)


    I would love to see Obama in office. But the "promise to remove troops in one year." is outrageous. How can we rebuild Iraq in one year? (assuming the street fight is over by the time he enters office.) It's one thing to say "I can end this war." and it's another to rebuild it. The rebuilding is why the Republicans predict so much more time in Iraq.


    McCain isn't pro-war, nobody is. He's pro-rebuilding. Where many on the democratic ticket are for leaving the rebuilding part to the Iraqies. And, sadly- the war will likely be the deciding topic. Hence, my prediction for McCain.


    (If Obama or Clinton would just iterate a rebuilding plan, they'll win.)

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