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  1. Oyuki, I totally understand what you say. It gets to my nerves when I see rain in places like Niseko and Furano. But then, the weather is like this, some years are more snowy than others, some years get more rain and less snow, and the other way. I bet that if you have a grandfather or grandmother who used to ski when they were young, they will tell you that each year was different. On top of it there are also cycles, some decades are warmer/colder than others. I agree that it's good to cut emissions and care for the environment, but I just don't like how the press is dealing with
  2. Reality? Ahh... we've argued/discussed about this before. I'll save myself the trouble this time For anyone interested you can check the "global warming interesting stuff" thread.
  3. Almost everyday there has to be a piece of news about global warming in the press... It's turning into a religion.
  4. Last year was quite good, with lots of snow. It's a small resort but it has a long run which is over 2.5km long and some decent ,over 30 degrees, slopes if I remember well. It's fun and cheap for 1 day or 2 but it would soon get boring after that I guess. I know Ashley,he is not in Niimi anymore though. He moved before I came to Niimi.
  5. It's a small town near Hanamiyama resort (which you may know about). The town's called Niimi.
  6. Bp, it's 55,000 if you bought it before the end of November. 60,000 yen from now. Maybe there's a special offer for teachers too, but I'm not sure about that. Daisen is very close to where I live, 1 hour, and I don't need to take the motor way so it ends up being quite cheap for me.
  7. BP, I went to mizuho 2 weeks ago. When we had the cold front over. It was snowing and from what I heard there was a fair bit of pow on top of the artificial snow. I'm saying "from what I heard" because when we were at the parking, before even buying the tickets, someone of the people I was going with injured themselves and I had to drive them to the hospital in Hiroshima. The conditions now are not as good as then so I haven't gone. This weekend looks promising though, there's some snow forecasted and it usually gets quite cold over there so if you go you may even find a bit of fresh pow on to
  8. Why would they take the temp from the middle of the mountain? it doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, as I said before, you are lucky enough to live there so you have information from 1st hand. I just wonder what the heck is going on with yahoo weather forecasts?
  9. I hope it starts dumping soon and they open the resorts so you guys calm down. Remember that we are here for our love for the snow and mountains. I've only been a member for a month but for me it was great to find people who are as crazy about snow sports as I am. We'd better concentrate on that. I am sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching.
  10. I believe using your back foot too much can lead to repetitive strain injury on your back knee so I don't think is good.
  11. Yellow, white and black jacket. White/greyish pants. Greyish pro-tec helmet and usually I wear a balaclava that covers my whole face.
  12. Maybe somebody can explain this to me: "Niseko Now" says is raining and temperatures are well above freezing. The Yahoo Weather Page for Niseko Hirafu says it's snowing and the maximum today is -2C. I am definitely missing something here.
  13. B4 I leave I'll PM you guys my keitai email, and maybe we can meet up there.
  14. I've known about extreme carving for quite a while. It's not easy to do though without hard-boots and special board (tail is cut) from what I've read. I agree with Ocean11 that it's not a lack of control. Actually,you need to have a lot of control over your body and centre of gravity (as well as be comfortable with speed) in order to be able to play with your angle like that.
  15. Thanks for the info Thursday. I hope they open downhill soon. Once downhill is open is possible to cruise over between resorts right?
  16. I've read king 4 is already open? Is it possible to cruise from Higashiyama to Hirafu and vice versa yet?
  17. When you first get on a snowboard is far easier to carve than to slide. Most beginners cannot take the speed the board achieves with the carving though, and as soon as it starts accelerating they become scared and do strange movements which make them fall. Sliding is the only way they feel safe on a snowboard cos it allows them to control the speed. As they become more comfortable with speed they start looking back at carving and so they have to unteach themselves out of sliding. AK since you had already skied and skateboarded maybe you were already used to the speed and that might be a
  18. Hey oyuki, don't take offense or anything, I'm just saying this cos I think maybe you don't know it and you'd like somebody to tell you: if you are using a japanese computer the apostrophe is on top of the 7 key (shift + 7). As for carving I am from Europe and over there they are almost obsessed with technique, I feel. To the point that maybe it stops being fun. I think it's important to learn properly a sport because when you do it right it's also more fun, and also because you can prevent injuries derived from wrong position, stance... from happening to you. I don't like however to tak
  19. O11,That's cool but there's always room for improving. However, since you "couldn't care less" I guess you are not interested in that
  20. db le p -> 100 % agreed. Ocean11 it could be that indeed you are carving very well, and you are gifted to find it really easy. But I recommend to have some one at some point, a knowledgeable instructor or snowboarder, look at your style and criticise it for you. Maybe you'll find that some of the movements you are doing or the stance or other things can be improved. It's really hard to assess yourself without someone who looks at you while you are snowboarding.
  21. I guess it depends on what you put the focus on. If you just want to have fun then I guess doing anything in the wrong way works as long as it's fun. For me it's a matter of both having fun and constantly improving, so I care for doing the things right while at the same time having fun.
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