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  1. For sure you should go! My suggestion for really good riding in that period is Tignes. All other resort is more or less a gamble. From geneva there is a bus to the resort. Look at geneva airport website for this.
  2. So it's true as they say - Hokkaido is a pretty flat place - though they get tons of snow to compensate... ?
  3. OK. I'm learning by the minute. And Hakuba Cortina is the place to be? Or Hakuba 47?
  4. Thanks! It's feels pretty odd with all small resorts of Japan. It was even easier to find info about Iran. Well that's maybe not so strange since they only have a handful of resorts... Niseko will be part of the trip, even though it seems to be just overful with aussies yeling at each other... if goski.com is anything to go by. Might also check out Furano, Nozawa Hakuba and Happo when I get to pinpoint them on the map and see if they fit in the route. But I get pretty worried when somebody writes that all riding in Hokkaido is quite flat?
  5. Yes, I know Nagano is a region (northern part of Honshue right?). Basic plan is to go to Hokkaido. But where? And maybe stop at some resort on the way up if we go by train. I found good information about that in this forum. Burt still I'm searching for some tips about the small spot, where the mountains are good, the powder deep, and the tracks are just a few...
  6. Hi, I'm going to Japan to ski for only two weeks but this is very early in season, christmas and to the 10 of January. Which spots are the best in the early season? And except of Nagano and Niseko, which small places are the best for offpist skiing. Powder is all that I'm interested in! Hope some of you guys can help me out. Skiing Japan is quite rare for us scandinavians so it's hard to find good information. Thank!
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