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  1. Hey all, Just trying to find some info on good places to stay at Appi kogen, im travelling up to Appi from Tokyo on route to Hokkaido via train with another mate and we are stopping at Appi for about a week. Looking for somewhere good to stay thats not tooo expensive but still decent quality and close to the resort. But not the big hotels like Appi Grand etc that are fairly expensive. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all your replies, especially Soubruquet whos been replying a fair bit. So Sobriquet was that resort park onikobe that you were talking about ? Is it fairly small, the snow japan info on it makes it seem that way. Just 7 double chairs ?? What about the snow, it says thers only like 2 meteres, that seems like not much. Same question to everyone about yamagata..snow japan doesnt say anything about 14 meteres last year but you said thats what you got, which i believe, is this the case for most japan resorts, that snow japans snow depths arent accurate ?? Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies, in answer to a few questions, and hoping for more replies, 1979...nooo i was far from born. 1985 was my year. Sorry haha. As far as the rail pass question goes, yea we would buy a rail pass and use it for the 5 or so days we are in tokyo and then use it to get to whatever resort we are going to stop at on the way up. Most likely a 7 day pass. We fly out of tokyo, but we will catch a plane back to tokyo from sapporo after our time in Niseko. The long trip is not so much of a concern as we are planning to go to northern Honshu (or some resort) and the
  4. Hey! Just wondering if anyone has done this before, or knows much about it. Im flying into Tokyo just after christmas and spending a few nights including new years in tokyo. We were thinking about jumping on a train heading north and eventually getting all the way to hokkaido but stopping at a resort in honshu for 5 or 6 nights on the way north, that would be sort of on the way. Thinking Niigata..Yuzawa or Iwate ?? When we get to Hokkaido we are spending another week there in Niseko. Anyone done this before, worthwhile or not ? Any tips or advice on a good resort to go to on the wa
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