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  1. Thats right, maybe I should carry some battery acid in a drinks bottle to squirt at people who get too close. :p


    Seriously tho' and i assume this has happened to most skiers/boarders. I have had a few incidents where I crashed into someone/people and vice versa. This especially happened when I was learning to ski and board. The first thing that occurred to me was to check that everyone was alright and NOT to determine wether they were being reckless AND certainly not to start punching people in the head repeatedly.


    Since people seem to assuming things, I wouldn't mind betting that the guy has a temper! and probably a rep for being aggressive.


    Not to sound like a broken record or anything but he punched a 16 y/o girl in the head. C'MON!


    Originally posted by Creek Boy:

    No, thats just wrong ugly. I have never hit a woman but have come damn close to it though. Instead the guy shoulda been more creative and sliced her with his ski edge, thrown her off a cliff, or shoved his pole up her @ss. Any of those coulda been accidents too right? ;\)


    Glad the guy had charges pressed against him.


    Dont know what I woulda done in that situation. If somebody was being reckless and hit me on the mountain, Id probably F'em up. If it was an accident, well accidents happen.

  2. I agree that some kids on boards (and skis) do go too fast in slow areas but the story in this case appears to just report the facts without actual opinion. Also the presence of the witnesses who corroborate the girls' story seems to imply that the bloke over reacted (to say the least) to what could have been a normal accidental coming together of two people on the slopes.


    Whatever actually happened to cause the accident, the guy started HITTING a 16 y/o girl!!!!!...... If you tried that where i grew up then you would probably have to move!. ....Come on, a 16 y/o girl!.

  3.  Quote:
    Originally posted by Fattwins:
    If a girl ran into my daughter id punch the crap out of her too. there is more to this story like the snowboarder was going very fast and not only hit the daughter but most likely creamed her, in the slow zone area.
    Erm, is that info from another source or just an assumption. Not trying to provoke but just trying to get the full info.
  4. As creekboy says on the others.


    An alternative to the (short)hike up to Miharashi is to start riding back under the Hirafu Gondola and then head almost immediately into the trees on your left. There should be a track or two. After about 20-30ft traverse in the trees you hit miharashi or you could just do the trees.


    Also fukiyono in hirafu has plenty of powder.


    Also recommend the ungroomed bits in Higashiyama by the ace lift combo's.

  5. Yup, you can (usually) get the full package. The w.e deals at the prince hotel (for instance) might mean you have to go up a price if you try the night before. As for the train, yeh its busy and will be for the next month (peak time!) but its less than 1hour to echigoyuzawa and i try do the scary gaijin routine to get some elbow room whilst standing. Good time to stretch the ankles and leg muscles out too!.

  6. Hiya Montoya,


    Read your post on friday night but still had to go on sat anyway cos sunday had other commitments.


    Sat was very heavy snow allday but Kagura closed as you hinted it would be. Plenty of deep pow runs in Mitsumata (off piste) and even had a nice 1hour walk back up a hill mad.gif until I saw the trail out thru trees on the 2nd run which took only 5mins!!!. Still a score day tho'.


    So i guess sunday was fantastic!, any reports/pics from anyone?. Was kagura open?

  7. Hiya bnpobrien,


    There are quite a few gaijin orientated type bars in Hirafu. One from memory is called Fatties. There is even a club up there. When you get to your hotel/pension they should have a streetmap of the town which marks each place on(in english too!). Nothing should be more than 10-15mins (brisk) walk. Sorry I dont have an electronic map to hand.


    Also there are loads of Aussie's there so you should have no problems even if your Japanese skills are limited. In fact even the J-style restaurants/bars will speak a little english becos of the influx of gaijins.


    Hope this helps (at least a little).

  8.  Quote:
    Originally posted by orinoco:
    I'm going up there on Friday, thats the plan anyway, hoping for a bit of a topup before then \:\)
    Hiya, might me heading up tomorrow (nowt deffo yet tho'). Would appreciate a quick report on todays snow/wind etc. I know daily NOW report provides top info but its always good to get lots of info from different sources.

  9.  Quote:
    Originally posted by IM:

    I thought most of the resorts banned smoking on the lift or gondola. I don't remember when was the last time I saw anyone smoking on a lift. Smoking should be banned in any building.
    Unfortunately IM, becos smoking is like a national pastime here the locals tend to ignore this "rule". I have seen two lads getting on a Gondola at Hirafu with the ciggies in their mouths and the resort guys didn't even batter an eyelid. So I deliberately got on with them and told them to put the ciggie out, which they did. HAHAHA!

    BTW, This was not an anti-smoking thing in general because I smoke too but there is always time/place etc.
  10. Gomen FT, I wasn't trying to decry what you were saying which is (as always) great advice and as bushpig says should be carefully heeded. Just having a bit of childish Monday morning fun....once again, gomen ne.


    Montoya, I saw some lines (from distance only) there yesterday. They were a pair of cool lines where the riders were matching each others turns about 15feet apart. Yours?. Also, from distance that ridge looked dangerously overhanging?. I take it this was not the case closeup?. Sorry, total novice at this so just looking for the experts info on what I could see.

  11.  Quote:
    Originally posted by Toque:
    Good pictures
    Let's hope the snow comes soon again and we can get some more pictures like those

    According to the bottom story in the above link article we can expect shedloads more snow everywhere on Honshu! even into tokyo!. That would be cool cos there is a steep (tho' short) slope outside my flat complex that would be cool to ride.
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