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  1.  Quote:
    Originally posted by number9:
    Haha, wanna get picky about what constitutes a "sport"?
    Just his definitions BUT to call Baseball a sport is a complete joke and demonstrates the validity of this guys definitions. Its a hobby at best becos nothing happens and is only played by the fat kids and losers at school who could not play footy. Oh and it should be called rounders.
  2. Hey, if ice hockey is condsidered a sport then why not curling. Gives us brits a chance of a medal.


    For a Brit perspective on the winter olympics+ check out following.





    Good to see that downhill and slalom is like the other sports that we Brits invented but are now shite!.



  3. OK, this is not too start a riot but I have a question for the peeps here.


    Its not unheard of for foreigners to get a bad press here in nihon and for some people to use that as stick to beat others with or for other reasons. Just read/listen to anything said by the Tokyo Mayor over the years. i.e. one crime committed by a foreigner means every crime committed is by foreigners.


    So.. in this thread it says that foreigners are being abusive and ignoring the Patrol. As far as I am concerned if you do this/or take the pish by changing jackets and doing it again then you deserve all you get. Clip round ear etc, whatever it takes.


    However, how many occasions has this actually happened. So what I wanna ask is to anyone who actually has Patrol experience in Japan of how many times the foreigners have been abusive/ignored the Patrol whistles etc compared with how many times Japanese groups have. And how many times has the "abusive" foreigner been exaggerated as if ishihara himself was talking. I not saying that it doesn't happen, I just wanna know on what sort of scale.


    SO any stats would be useful and I suppose stats for Niseko would be seperated.

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