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  1. I see they have decided to go ahead with 4th Indiana Jones. I liked those movies, they were fun, but Ford is getting on a bit now I think...




    Director George Lucas says the fourth instalment in the Indiana Jones film series will start next year.


    Lucas said he and Steven Spielberg had recently finalised the script, and promised it was "the best one yet".


    Actor Harrison Ford will return as the titular star of the film, which is due to hit cinemas in May 2008.

  2. This morning on tv there was something about facilities in Yubari.


    They said there was a theme park with rollercoaster and they could see only 1 guest. The rolloerocoaster had 18 people riding in 1 day. Also an animal museum (stuffed animal museum!) with nobody entering and a Robot Museum. Something again about these facilities made because of using up budget and for not good reason.

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