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  1. A British friend of mine over the weekend was talking about some pubs back in his country and mentioned something about a "lock in" but I couldn't understand situation well. Is a "lock in" legal or not? Sounded like way for pub to open longer than official hour.

  2. OK last night I watched Arachnophobia movie. It was fun but one curious scene I don't understand.


    There was a doctor and he went into the boys changing room of a school to do some kind of medical check. Each boy coughed when he was standing in front of the boy. There was no text or subtitle.


    What is that check?

  3. By Car


    From Tokyo

    There are two main ways to get to Hakuba from the Tokyo region:


    Take the Chuo Expressway north until Okaya Junction where you should then take the Nagano Expressway until the Toyoshina Interchange. From there, follow Routes 147 and 148 through Omachi to Hakuba village or

    Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Fujioka Junction changing towards Nagano on the Joshinetsu Expressway. Take the Nagano Interchange and follow the Nagano Olympic Road to Hakuba village.




    Go to Maps section on site and use the maps of Hakuba zoom out and you can find the route!

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