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  1. Recently on the news there have been some piece about "foreigner crime" and just now I saw on about the current economic crisis meaning that there will be a big increase in crime by foreigners who have lost their job. That was on NHK. I heard the same opinion from a colleague at work. I think that while there may well be an increase, there will surely also be in crimes committed by Japanese people in the same conditions. It is surely dangerous for people to be fed these thoughts and think like that, don't you think?


    I hope my English improve, did you get meaning?

  2. I saw this today.


    This article was in a Japanese language newspaper, with all but two of the people contributing Japanese people in the industry.


    Naeba has a long history with Japanese. In the boom period, Naeba was the place to go and be seen at. This image still lingers for many people. Also I think Naeba try to adapt to day tripper with their new facilities of last season that were just for those. It does not surprise me that it is near top.


    It is interesting that place like Tazawako makes top part of this list. I personally like that area very much. It is not the most accessible place for many people.

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