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  1. Used to be the English teacher in Kutchan-Niseko@s bustling metropolis - but "used to be`s dont count anymore, they just stay on the floor til someone takes them away....." Also used swing punters around on the back of a snowmobile at the base of Higashiyama ... great job ...morning out rooping it up breaking trail in waist deep pow pow... couldnt hack the owner though....
  2. To all of those present past and beyond,specially those that werent with us to long -life is the most precious thing that you can lose/when you were here the fun was never ending /laugh a minute was only the beginning/****** this ones for YOUUUUU! -PEnnyWise- gets you amping every damn time
  3. have to say the nighter(Canadian translation) is THE reason to stay in niseko- Tetsu`s\Roy`s rope under a Tahitian moon with a pipe or two on the gondy up- as fun as it gets
  4. Someone asked me about this so here goes- Snow quality- for consistent pow pow - Niseko is in a class by itself, though last season was no great shakes- it still produced epic days and one memorable run with snow up past my armpits- whistler gets it good too but not as much and sometimes rainy The Mountain- Whsitler is wide open bowls thigh burning steeps and looooooooooooooong runs- Niseko is creamy rolls and mellow slopes and after two and a half years there you get to know every bump and mushroom in the place The park and pipe- Whistlers make your corleones shoot up to your throat
  5. I have just move to yokohama after 3 years in sapporo and Niseko and am looking for anything near hear that is good - love pipe, park and anything steep and deep enough to burn- before japan I was a Whistler loc and after a few season of creamy cruising in Niseko- it would be nice to ride real mountains- any suggestions and I apologize for the ignorance
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