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  1. Those are the daKine wristies that i wear, i swear by them as i said before, they save ur whole arm.... by having just one plank it takes the presure of the rest of your arm and can stop a broken are as well as a broken wrist. of course if your macking it down a mountain at high speeds then nothing will stop a brake but they can stop it from being increably bad! The dakine ones are awsome for beginners too. ENJOY!
  2. Hello all! just wondering why no one uses Palmer Boards? by Aussie standards they are close to the best out there???? use, Board:Palmer Liberty Boots: Flow Bindings: Flow Jacket: Scott Pants: Virgin Goggles: Smith Sunnies (if in need):Why So y no PALMERS? and y no FLOW? mmm...?
  3. The DaKine wristies are made to protect your wrist and arm, having a "plank" on the back of your wrist can cause ur forearm to shatter or brake because the pressure is un-even. The DaKine ones are pretty comfy but i found they cut in to your thumb "skin!" but i fixed that with a little trimming and altering! Enjoy and dont hurt ur selves!
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