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  1. Hello. I spoke with someone last night from Guernsey. I was surprised to hear it was not part of UK and is it's own country. But in many country list it does not appear. It is confusing to me.


    It sounded like interested place though.

  2. I was at a party last night and one Scottish guy brought out some haggis. I had never heard of before but was surprised at hearing the ingredient! It tasted a little strange for me, but the guy said it was not 100% authentic.


    Did you try it?

  3. I was talking to some friends this week and they were telling me how back home they were annoyed by people dropping litter/garbage on the streets. I couldn't continue the conversation I must leave, but I was interested in the comment.


    I can't understand somebody would drop litter in public place?


    Is it big problem?


    Thank you.

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