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  1. Finally some female funny books. (Except for Harry Potter). And I think you're the first person who has listed 3 books which I've read all of them.

    Have you read all the Marian Keyes books? Watermelon, Rachel's holiday, Lucy Sullivan is getting married, sushi for beginners. Funny, easy reading but don't really fall into the trashy category. None of which would be suitable reading matter for Ocean 11 though (despite the choice of handle - I thought ocean 11 was a really crappy movie, so I was a mite surprised by the choice of reading material).

  2. Glue by Irvin Welsh - still offends in places but being Scottish, I can't not read his offerings - his best to date - though I was partial to The Marabou Stork Nightmares.


    East of Eden by John Steinback - an oldie, but definately a goodie - can't believe it by-passed me for so long.


    Why men don't listen and women can't read maps (or vice versa) by forward thinking new age couple. Hilarious!!! Now I understand the world!!!


    Currently reading - but yet to form an opinion on One for my baby by Tony Parsons (he wrote Man and Boy if that helps). As always, some Calvin and Hobbes or Mafalda (Spanish female Calvin type cartoon by Quintas). Oh that and all these Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Millionaire Next Door and Investing for Dummies type books my husband keeps thrusting my way - for some reason he thinks I don't take money seriously.


    Don't anyone ask for favourite books - then I'd be here all night!


    I'd love to know what you're all reading, have read, enjoy reading etc etc etc.

  3. Me, I sit on me balcony, looking at the river/sea (don't think I'm bragging half as much as u folks near the slopes) or else we take the car up to the Japan Sea around Tottori, Shimane or Kyoto prefecures (now I live in Hiroshima, before Nishinomiya between Kobe and Osaka). Work in my choice of air conditioned state fills the void (and pays for the lifestyle).

    Wondered what everybody else did.

  4. The Sopranos (whatever happened to them - only 2 series in Japan), ER, Sex in the City, South Park, Friends. I like News Station - it's a quirky news programme with up to date documentary clips and dominance of baseball in the sport sectionwhich pisses me off (except if the Tigers continue to do so well)

  5. Yeh! Japan Sea for me every weekend when it's hot (I never thought I'd drive for 4 hours just to hit the beach - but that's what being a Brit does for ya) then scrimp and scrape my pennies over the autumn for the flights to Hokkaido and Tohoku next winter. I would love to try Nagano but it's just a pain to get there - overnight buses??/?

    Of course, sipping cold white wine, champers or beer outside on one of the balconies of my riverside/sea view pad in Hiroshima, helps to while away the time in between beach and mountain.

    Would give it all away to be nearer the slopes though!

  6. Sorry, was a bit naughty, just found it bizarre, much as I love skiing (admittedly, I'm not a snowboarder, so perhaps my opinion would be different), that guys, in particular, would say it was their all time "favourite thing".

    Never had both in the same day??? Barok??? What else is there to do when the ski towns all have dinner at 6, then a bath in a nice onsen and you're lucky if you can find a vending machine open after 9pm. There was one time in Niseko (when I went skiing w/o hubbie) and some friends and I spent at least an hour traipsing around trying to find a place that sold Otaru beer - to no avail.


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  7. I really liked American Beauty too.

    How about Priscilla Queen of the desert - not many guys I know like that.

    Trainspotting, Full Monty, Brassed, Muriel's Wedding, Simply Ballroom, the Castle - I seem to be biased towards Brit and Aussie offerings.


    I saw a good British film with Jude Law and his wife Sadie Frost, where he was making a documentary and then he died. His wish was for his mates to watch it together, and the plot unfolded till you saw who killed him - anybody see it? Know what it's called?

  8. Bridget Jones Diary for the girly laughs and laughs and laughs. Cool Running was fun for the winter mood. Vanilla Sky was pretty good last year. Sixth Sense - not bad but a bit overated. One flew over the cuckoos nest, a wonderful life and 12 angry men were classics.

    A favourite movie? That's got to be a more difficult question than What's the meaning of life?


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