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  1. This can't be good though:


    France falls out of love with topless sunbathing


    Health concerns and new feminist priorities mean French women are covering up on the beach


    For some it's the stuff of naff Cote d'Azur postcards. For others it's a symbol of the feminist struggle in France. Topless sunbathing was once the summer battleground of French post-1968 society – educated middle classes insisted that peeling off was a women's right, while family groups claimed exposed nipples would scare children.


    For decades, France has prided itself on being the world capital of seaside semi-nudity. Now the nation is facing a bikini-top backlash. A younger generation of women are covering up, citing new feminist priorities, skin cancer fears and a rebellion against the cult of the fetished body beautiful.


    French academics and historians have spent the early summer months pondering the sociological meaning of the demise of France's once-favourite piece of beachwear, the "monokini" – the bottom half of a bikini with no top.


    Since the 1970s, when the French state refused to ban "le topless" on beaches, women's semi-nudity has become a symbol of summer in France. It was a point of national pride that the same freedom to strip off in public was off-limits in other more prudish nations such as the US.

  2. He certainly achieved a lot.

    Shame it has to be tainted with the madness of the later years.


    Those numbers are just crazy. If he was in so much debt, how come he was renting a place that cost $100,000 a month. It just doesn't make any sense in the real world....


    ....and neither does everyone going out and buying his music just because he's dead!

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