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  1. Hey, Seeing as the season is getting too hot now for decent snow, I was thinking that a spot of cross-country might combine what is left of the snow with some bushwalking/hiking. Trouble is, despite wanting to do this for years, I've never got around to doing it before. Anyone have any idea where I could go to learn cross-country skiing in Japan? Brodie.
  2. Hi James, Thanks for your reply. Can you post me a link to your article? I've read your reviews, are they what you are talking about? (no search results for "james", "hutchinson", "hakkoda", "hakouda" and only the main page for "hakkouda" and your reviews in the reviews section, but no phone numbers) So you think that the snow would still be good at the moment? I was in Yuzawa on the weekend and it was just slush, it made me wonder if I was too late. My main question was about the shuttle buses. From the brochure that a friend and I was looking at there were 2 runs comin
  3. Hmm, Maybe I'm being a bit simplistic, but it seems to me like a case of walking up and sliding down. There would be a few photos in both directions, copious amounts of chocolote and a beer at the end... ;-) I'm just starting to think about the full planning now, like where (ie which side, which track, etc), when, and what gear is required. Obviously a decent backpack to get the board up and non-snowboarding related equipment down, snowshoes/crampons, decent boots and hiking equipment, adequate clothing, etc. To be official, there is also a matter of getting police approval o
  4. Hey, I am very keen to go snowboarding down Mt Fuji this year (after an exhilerating climb up first). My snowboard friends have piked on me - they seem to think it's too dangerous... Anyone keen to give it a go? Anyone already done it and care to give comments? Brodie.
  5. Hi all, After reading the good reviews of hakkouda, I'm thinking about heading up there from Tokyo for 2 days. However I have a few concerns from looking at the web site and talking to travel agents, I was hoping someone might be able to provide some insight... The gondola seems the only lift worthwhile, but it costs about 1000 yen per trip (small discount with 5 trip pass). How many trips can I do if I'm exploring the mountain and doing as much as possible? The agent (and some Japanese web site reviews) seems to think that I need to catch a shuttle bus from the bottom of most r
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