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  1. The ocean should spend more time waxing his own board, No matter how far back you stand I'll still get you in the face!
  2. You should also clean it before you wax it. Use terpentine if you can find it if not use a base cleaner/wax remover. A ski tech in new zealand.. Thats like being a surf instructor in Alaska.
  3. To wax it, heat the board up first if you can, until its warm, not hot, put it in front of your heater for a while. Drip the wax on by melting it on the iron. Iron it in well, not leaving the iron in one spot, always moving. Otherwise you'll bubble your base. Let it sit for a while and soak in. Scrape it angling the scraper to the base.At first just use long one directional strokes once you get the feel of it you can go back and forth. scrape it good or you'll just have to brush more. Brush it until the powder no longer appears, than buff it with the dish pad. Make sure and scrape the edges, bottom and outside, otherwise you won't be able to turn.
  4. If you want to wax your board you'll need an iron, swix makes a good one. i bought the hoelmenkole,sp, one and its a total piece of shit. You'll need a plastic scrapernot metal, not a long one, ie the width of your board, get the normal size one. You'll need a brush, the ones made by swix are really good, get the one with clear bristles cause the dark one is too hard and will scratch your board, the other too soft, goldie lox syndrome. You'll need some scrub pads they look like dish cleaners and are in with the other stuff. As for wax unless your nuts over snow temp etc I'd just get a universal wax good for most temps. That way if you wax for cold snow and its a warm day you'll still be able to move. After you make the initial investment it pays itself off pretty quickly. Plus I think its fun?
  5. If I could fit a heater a futon and a roof in my tent..... I checked out snowbeds but its booked until 2006.
  6. If I could fit a heater a futon and a roof in my tent.....
  7. Anybody know an absolutely cheap, cheap place to stay in Hakuba, ie no meals, no curfew, no fancy french cuisine, just a roof,a futon and a heater.
  8. Why is it that snowboarders become instant know it alls the minute they take up the sport, any spacker can ride, there is no elitism in snowboarding. On that note everyone should buy walky talkys so they can maximize their time on the hill.
  9. Went to Tenjindaida in gunma, small but waist deep powder, fresh lines until noon. Got a little warm in the afternoon and the snow a little choppy. Thumbs up for powdery deepness.
  10. I'm working on building a super fat ass so i get more umph on the kickers. If you find your self going to slow change your diet i suggest monkey nuts and spag. Go gunma go gunma you got mail


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