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  1. I used to go to Arai (in Niigata, to the north of Myoko) a bit way back when. Last season my friend went to the newly re-opened Arai and said that while the facilities were impressive and all brand new, it was very very quiet. Anyone get there this last season? I wonder how much of a success they can make of it. Will be trying to go myself next winter.
  2. BackBack

    Arai - any busier during the 18/19 season?

    Thanks sanjo Their prices do seem to be way beyond most ski resorts here. Thing that gets me is the curious mix of 'back country' and 'family'. It's not a clear message, or so it seems to me anyway.
  3. BackBack

    Kuriko Kokusai (Yamagata)

    Thanks ILoveZao. I love Zao too! Would be good if they could get to re-open. It has happened before with places closing down, Arai coming to mind.
  4. Way back, I went to this ski resort in Japan. It was actually my first time skiing so I have fond memories. I was sad to see that it closed a few seasons back. Anyone know if there might be any chance of it ever re-opening or is it gone for good?
  5. BackBack

    Sapporo Snow Festival - worth a visit?

    I definitely recommend it. Haven't been for quite a few years, but we thought it was a great experience. And Sapporo the city on it's own is worth a look.


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