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  1. I drive shuttle bus for a hotel. Everyone wants to go to Cortina so I had 2 runs out to Cortina 8.00am and 10.00 am. Last year Cortina started a pick-up shuttle bus servise for Goryu to Cortina directly no other stops and drop you back at Goryu by 5.30 pm . It picked up at 7.30am out front of Sultana. The cost was Y 5000 per head. Ok, it sound good so far but it will be a hassle get to 5 people organise and have breakfast and get your gear and group to the pick up spot before 7.30 am. Most hotels do not start serving breakfast until 7.00 am and no refunds if you miss the bus. If you decide to
  2. Thanks - as I suspected your answer may be - I had assumed with all those Japanese cars I would have been able to rent one easily but as you sya they do not seem to want to go our of their way to offer what their own website says is available!
  3. Thanks for the comments from all. And also good warning on drinking BTW we have a family of 5 and 5 skis so quite a bit of gear. I see oxsnowbum found a roof rack from Toyota - Was that recently? toyota have told me they do not have any roof racks in nagano!! Alternatively if we were to use buses instead - we are staying at Goryu so does anyone know how easy it is to get form there to the other resorts by public bus - including Cortina? Thanks
  4. Hi all - I would like to rent a car (wagon such as wingroad or if necessary larger) with 4wd, snow tyres and roof rack for skis. I would like to rent in Tokyo to drive to Hakuba (mid january) and Nozawa adn I have tried ALL the usual companies. Best I have found is a 4wd with no roof rack or a car with roof rack but only 4WD. Most frustrating as the booking pages have the options but fail to deliver when you try to book.. Can anyone help with suggestions: 1. If I can't get a car in Tokyo then could I get one in Nagano (4wd , snow tyres and roof rack)? 2. Do you think I could ma
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