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  1. crap well ive already booked with ISXM I hope it will all be ok!!!
  2. Hi Guys, Im trying to find a way to get my husband daughter and I to nozawa onsen for the fire festival on the 15th of Jan from myoko, is there any chance I will find a bus doing transfers to and from once i get there? I have looked online however it seems there are only yours from hukabua. any info would be great thanks!
  3. thanks guys im taking my daughter, to japan for the first time in jan and would love to take her kimono shopping but may have to do it while where in town. thanks!!
  4. Hi this may be a silly question but..... does anyone know if there are stores selling kimonos in the following places: Myoko Madarao Nozawa Onsen ??? thanks
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