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  1. Hello we decido to go to canada for this year......next year we are coming to japan!!!
  2. hello, for Christmas I got a new attack from the backcountry, the new dynafit radical. I have to admit that it is a great product, secure, lightweight, comfortable and above can give you more control downhill. http://www.dynafit.com/it/product/attacchi/tlt-radical-ft-110mm-z12 you have you tried? What do you think?? Ciaoo!!! have a good powder day"!!!!
  3. Hey Pulce, i'm from Italy too, and hitting Niseko and surrounding area from 31th January till 1st March, if your dates are in February we can meet up there! Btw i chose Niseko cause it's the easiest to arrange, one of the most snowy, and one of the cheapest for accommodation. Still unsure if it's the best choice tho, it looks so overcrowded, and a real japan experience would've been a lot more appealing to me YEAH!!! i will let you know!!! thanks!!!
  4. we are going to do 10 days of powder and right now we dont really know what's our budget. we want ski in a good powder but we want to know japanese culture!!
  5. Hello everybody i'm new in this forum. Me and my friends we would like go ski in japan but we dont really know where, and i would like to know which is the best place to go!! anyone know? Thanks Pulce88
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