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  1. Hi everyone - I'll be Niseko next week and can't wait. A couple questions about what we should be doing when we're not skiing (i.e. at night): Are there any places that aren't totally obvious (i.e. not walking distance from Hirafu Village, that maybe we have to take a bus to) that are worth checking out at night? And as far as nightlife goes: - what are the best real party spots? Are there places to dance? - finally, are there specific places where more Japanese people will be hanging out? No offense to the Aussies of course (I'll be traveling with one), but I've read that Nise
  2. Thanks everyone. Has anyone used JAL ABC? I ask because their counter is in the international terminal at Haneda (I think Yamato is in the domestic terminals), but more importantly it looks like they are open 24 hours.
  3. Hi - I'm headed to Japan next week, and while there am spending 4 nights in Niseko. I heard about the takkyubin services and have a couple questions: 1) Our flight arrives at Haneda airport at 10:20pm, and their office there closes at 11pm. Obviously this will be very tight - I would guess that we wouldn't make it there by 11. Is there any chance they would stay open for us knowing that we are on the 10:20pm flight? If not, would the only thing be to carry the skis into Tokyo and bring them to an office the next day? 2) Time shouldn't be a problem on the way to Niseko, because we
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