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  1. Hi All, Obviously being seriously late with my bookings, but trying to get an accommodation for 2 people in Rusutsu for Chinese New Year. I'm not sure if I'm lost in the online services, but it seems to be very difficult to do any bookings or even to check the availability for the pensions near the resort, does anybody have any suggestions how to book those online? Thanks in advance
  2. hi folks, coming over to niseko in a few weeks and it seems that herbie's does not exist anymore, right? previously, we've been going to herbie´s to grap a beer or two after skiing (appreciated that happy hour very much...). what is a good (and cheap) apres ski bar this season? thanks
  3. Hi, Are there any regular coin laundry places in Hirafu-Annupuri region? Or should I go to Kutchan to find the nearest ones? thanks, Riksu
  4. Great, thanks guys! By remembering those grins of the people's faces, I _knew_ it would be a great spot We'll probably try to head to the peak and then ask the people up there. Hmm, I still have a looong week to go before take off...
  5. Hi Folks, I would really appreciate if you could help me with this one. 2 yrs ago I was in Hanazono wondering where some people are skiing from when they skied down far right from Hanazono base cafe (if you look towards the slopes), I remember there was a reddish building or something and they came somewhere behind that (not sure about this anymore)... Now, just learnt that I will have a chance to ski in Niseko in January so my question is if you ski down from the peak gate towards nishi shamen, will you end up in a traverse or do you need skins to come back to Hanazono? Are there any si
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