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  1. Another question. If i get Cartel bindings will they fit with a Bataleon board?
  2. I'll be there for sure, Tried on some boots yesterday and im gonna pick some up at the sale.
  3. Now... contrary to Jynxx I think it was who recommended going for laces. I am a BOA lover. They rock. We have had one pair that had a fault in the top wheel and kept getting stuck ON (#2 son). And we snapped a BOA wire on one boot.(#3 son) But we have had about 5 or 6 years of pretty decent riding on them with 6 people in the family. They are brilliant on kids boots because Mama does not have to take her gloves off in the feckin freezing snow to do laces every five minutes. And I have not had a problem with performance on mine. I am not hitting up the park though - too old for that!!
  4. I have been doing quite a bit of digging around forums and board sites. At this stage I'm pretty keen on a Bataleon Whatever. Probably a 156. Sounds like a versatile board that will be useful in most conditions. Any ideas how i can get my hands on one? Is it possible to get new ones from the previous season? (2011 model?) I am gonna head down to the local (and only?) store, and test out a few boots. The DC ones i tryed tonight were a 10.5 and seemed comfortable. Would they fit alright on a regular 156 Whatever? or would i need to go wide? Sorry for all the questions, but you all
  5. I have just had a browse through some of the Bateleon boards. Will TBT make much difference for me at a beginer/intermediate level? The boards i have previously rented didnt have TBT. Would I struggle to adjust?
  6. Incase anybody was interested, I tryed on a friends 2011 DC Scout BOA boots. Size 10.5 Walked around in them for quite a while, seemed very comfy.
  7. I guess i really didnt know what i was getting myself into when i first asked for help
  8. Thank you very much! I am really enjoying reading all the responses, even if i dont understand half of it
  9. Thanks so much for the in depth advice. I'll have a look around and try on some of the stuff here. Just to get a feel for it all. Not much range but ill work out the boot sizes. I will definatly be buying it all online.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yea the range in Perth is very limited, so i was planning on ordering it all online. I dont really wanna be looking around for gear when i arrive in Japan, would rather have everything ready to go. Would it be best to buy a gear package seeing as i dont have much clue what im looking for? Or just buy it all seperate? Price range would be about $500-$750 AUD, which im assuming is the lower end of the market
  11. Hi, I am just after a little bit of advice. I plan on heading over to Japan (from Western Australia) for about 2 weeks of snowboarding at the end of January. And i was thinking of buying my own gear to take over with me. I have done 2 weeks boarding over on the eastern side of Aus and a week in Queenstown, New Zealand. Im starting to get the hang of the actual snowboarding part but am completly lost looking at gear packages. Any suggestions for a begginer/intermediate level setup? I am about 180cm and 65 kgs. Any advice would be great!
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