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  1. Wow....both hotels full already .....is it really that good? or a hot tourist spot?
  2. Cheers guys! Just heard from a friend that Kiroro has a 4km nice long run from top of mountain down to bottom,not too steep! Any SJ skied that before? good run? How's the food and hotel at Kiroro?
  3. Yes,I went to Niseko village in Jan. After we got off the gondola,there were a few turns around the mountain without any fences,that freaked my girlfriend out. We're just beginner/intermediate skier,and that's quite scary, some other green and blue slopes are steeper than the other resorts we skied before(ie.Naeba,Sahoro). So that's why we're trying to get more info on Kiroro and Rusutsu.
  4. Thanks Surfarthur and DiGriz! The Heavenly view course looks easier in the video than when I was studying their Rusutsu's trail map. So it's either Rusutsu or Kiroro???
  5. Thanks guys! I've been to Sahoro the year before,and Niseko village last year. Yes,Sahoro's really good for their free group lessons! I found some of Niseko village's green and blue slopes with turns without fences around the top rather scary. Does Rusutsu offer easy runs from mountain top? Their trail map shows only blue runs from mountain top and no green runs. Are their green and blue runs harder and steeper than Kiroro? I would like to do some leisure skiing with my girlfriend this time, so I won't be taking any lessons. Kiroro sounds good as we can go to Otaru for dinners and stuff.
  6. Planning on a ski holiday to Hokkaido at beginning of January 2012. Can anyone advise on which resort is better for me? Kiroro or Rusutsu or Tomamu? I'm a beginner/intermediate skier looking for longer and scenic,but not too steep, runs from mountain top hopefully. Thanks in advance!
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