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  1. Legends! Cheers for the initial feedback. I guess my lady( someone other than my mrs and girlfriend!) wouldn't mind seeing a bit of culture too but my initial priority is getting some shred action. I think cost is the main issue she's hesitant but as long as I can break it all down and write a semi decent budget then it shouldn't be a problem. I'll look into January but it's the busiest time of the summer for my bar and hard to score myself free time. Looks like hakuba it is via bullet train and a bus, sweet! And cheers for the link to the accomm TJ. Any more hints are appreciate
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but keen to get on here heaps more in the close future. Just initially hoping some of you lot can help me out. Basically I'm looking to plan a trip riding to Japan in feb/march for myself, my girlfriend and 4or5 friends. My mrs normally organizes stuff and me being a complete bloke, obviously takes it for granted! So this one is mine to suss out. we're all snowboarders who live in queenstown NZ and fancy hitting some real snow over in hakuba or niseko. Been reading loads about where to go, how to get where etc but it all stems from companies trying t
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