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  1. Thanks for all your help guys... looks like a toss up between Niseko and Shiga I guess. Just curious, Niseko seems a pretty well integrated resort with continuous access to the different fields from each other, Shiga seems different given that the individual resorts are spread out. I assume you have to shuttle bus between the resorts? Also, how likely is it that all the lifts will be operating in April? Shiga looks like there is a significant number of runs but if only half of the lifts operate then that obviously cuts the number back. Is this likely to be the sam
  2. Thanks everyone, I personally would love some powder but it is less critical for the beginners... being the great guy that I am I suppose I could sacrifice it for the greater good. Thanks for the detailed review mamaB, I'm from Perth too (Mt Lawley) and whilst the wife could go in Jan, the others can't. Kind of need both groups together as the wife is a beginner so I need someone to palm her off on while I tackle the serious stuff Those photos look mint!
  3. They might do if I told them it was the way to a good pub...
  4. thanks for the tips guys.... might look into the rockies if it is likely to be a bit hit / miss. Would like to ditch the teacher but sadly that is my wife....
  5. so having a look at it, Shiga Kogen seems ok early April, as does Yuzawa. For anyone with any knowledge does this seem fair? What are the resorts like? HEard ok things about Shiga Kogen I think...
  6. hmmm.... this was my fear. one of the guys is a school teacher so is pretty restricted in choices... unless I can engineer a 14 day sicky
  7. Hi All, Long time lurker but new here and very first post. Looking get some guidance from the educated. Planning my first visit to Japan for a few 1-2 skiing (giving the Alps a miss this year) and finding the whole thing a bit of a minefield.... Clearly Japan is not the same sort of set up as I am used to back in Europe. Looking for some advice as to where would be good given the following factors: 1)would be coming second week of April (9th) so I'm guessing somewhere colder/higher would be needed for good snow 2)party of 6, 2 who are advanced (1 skier 1 boarder) 4 wh
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