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  1. Hi All, I am currently planning a trip to Japan, mainly for skiing but also some sight seeing this January. So far the plan is; 28th Arrive in Tokyo for 5 nights including NYE (with Friends) 2nd Travel to Hakuba for a weeks skiing (with Friends) 9th Travel to Kyoto for 4 nights (with my partner) 13th & 14th yet to decide - maybe somewhere like Osaka (with my partner) 15th Travel back to Tokyo to meet up with friends and travel up to Niseko Our friends will be skiing the whole time but since my girlfriend isn't into skiing that much we thought it best to take time off
  2. Thanks for all the replys. I should have mentioned that we had planned to do NYE in Tokyo and then move onto the mountains. I was worried that NYE was a bit dead in Tokyo and that everything would be closed in the days that followed, but I hadn't considered cost so that might be what sways me to delay to mid Jan. Really the only reason for NYE in Japan was something different, NYE is always more exciting when ur in another country.
  3. Hi, first post but i've been trawing this site ever since we decided on a ski trip to Japan. The current plan is a 3 week trip, 1 week of non skiing activities (non consecutive) including a few days in Tokyo, 1 week in Hakuba and 1 week in Niseko. (still to work out what order) We had planned to arrive on the 28th Dec but after a bit of research it seems NYE in Japan is a non event and I have been told that Tokyo sort of shuts down during that period and all the temples are packed. So now we are thinking of maybe waiting until mid Jan to go but first I wanted a bit of feedback f
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