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  1. Originally Posted By: batsugun I have never been up there but planning to this year. Perhaps I will be one of the only Japanese there? nope, Furano much less popular with tourists than Niseko and - why not - two pics form my time there http://twitpic.com/193dxu http://twitpic.com/193epg nice time it was
  2. so now I am finally finished the trip, I can tell how trip no Furano was for my 'first time in Japan' eyes. anyway - getting there: from asahikawa airport very easy, just take bus, no taxis needed, from sapporo quite longer, so asahikawa better. living there: was living in two places, 3 days in each place * naturwald hotel - they do not have no smokers rooms, quite a drawback. room was kinda old. reasonable breakfast. 50 m from kinotamine (if i remember correctly the spelling gondola. significantly cheaper than new prince hotel, but even for that still not a bargain.
  3. for self contained apartments - for me - space per person, proximity to nearest ski lift, is there any food shop around.
  4. yes, thanks a lot, the answers here were very useful, was afraid to post just a thanks here, would look like just thread bashing or how it was called when you post something like thanks and that's it, just so that my thread would appear on top of the forum.
  5. Hello, at the end of upcoming week I am arriving at Furano for a week and I am wandering if anyone from this forum will be around there. We are only 2 people going there, so would definitely enjoy some company. cheers, Ivars
  6. Hello, thanks for useful info for my previous question, was very useful and helped me to decide where to go Can someone please tell me how can I pay for sports equipment transfer with skymark? I do not see any option regarding luggage on their website or in legal fine print, and for phones their text "we have japanese staff only" indicates that there will be no real value added for calling them. cheers, Ivars
  7. Hello, I am planning my snowboarding trip to Japan and during the inevitable googling sessions found this forum which is quite interesting and informative. So I would appreciate if I could get more opinions on my dilemma - where yo go to basically I am arriving on third week of march, which as I understand is already lil bit too late for nagano area, so I am currently thinking of niseko as the popular option versus furano, not so popular, but I understand that comparable place. I am thinking of spending one week snowboarding and one more week traveling around. I am interested in moderat
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