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  1. I'm thinking about renting a pair of skis for my next trip this season, and was wondering if any of you did the same. I'm a pretty decent snowboarder and had a couple skiing lessons a long, long time ago. How hard would it be to learn some basic parallel skiing?
  2. Originally Posted By: iiyamadude I once stayed in Hakuba Alps Backpackers. Bit noisy but for peanuts can't complain I guess. Friendly people. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain Yeah, all of the backpackers offer dorm style accommodation. I've been to K's house before. It's pretty nice and it's in the listing on the link above. Thanks, that's what I was looking for, I'm gonna check those out.
  3. Yes, I did look at it, but most places only offer accomodation for a minimum of 2 persons, an extra fee beeing charged if the room was booked anyway. Plus it'd be nice to have some input from people who've been there before.
  4. Hey all, I'm planning on going to Hakuba Goryu/47, in early january, but will probably be by myself and I'm looking for advice on where to stay. Thanks,
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