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  1. Wedding is in Hakone - bit out of the way but I'm quite happy to travel wherever in Japan in search of snow
  2. Hey folks, thanks for the advice. @TubbyBeaverinho - wedding is 18th April so hoping to ski 11th - 17th. And yeah, not looking for freshies but would be quite happy with existing snow on the ground. Based on feedback I'll have another search tonight for high elevation resorts, but might just can the whole idea
  3. I'm going to be in Japan on the 18th for a wedding, and was hoping to do a week in the snow beforehand. I realise this is right on the tail end of the season and hence is a bit marginal but was wondering what was my best bet for around this time? I'm certainly not expecting mad powder but good odds (ie 80%+) for usable groomed runs is fine by me. Being used to some pretty crappy Australian seasons I'm not exactly a snob. A couple of people have independently recommended Niseko , and looking at last years reports they still had coverage up till the end of April. Is this the best bet? Ar
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