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  1. I need to finish school first. Then I am going back to school next fall so I dont have any time to make money before I come to Japan unless I sell my car.
  2. I am not thinking of staying in Japan for long, just for one winter. It would be cool if I could work for some Aussie guy, I know they are a relaxed and fun bunch. I dont need to make much money anyway as I think I will be heading to China to teach english after the snow dries up and money is easy to make in China.
  3. Damn, sounds like finding a job might be a bit of a task. How would I find these companies at the ski areas? And I dont speak more than basic japanese, so that might be a problem....... Maybe I will just sell my car and come have a good time. How much is a season pass over there?
  4. I will have a masters in economics by the time I am there if that helps. I do need to go to a place that a foreigner can work though, is there any other villages that might have more jobs?
  5. Thanks for all the good info. I take it Niseko gets the most snow and have a good ski village? What about terrain parks in that area? I wouldnt mind some nice jumps and jibs to keep me entertained when the snow is not coming. What about living costs? How much would rent be? Food? Beer? I think that is about all I would need haha Thanks for the great info, this is making it easy to make the leap over to Japan!
  6. Hello everyone, I am new here and looking to gather some info. I am looking to be a ski bum this winter someplace in Japan, but I have no idea where to go or what it is like. I am looking to set up in a place with -tons of snow, the most snow, I love powder -a good village with some nightlife (I just graduated college and like to party a bit) -A large village or someplace where a foreigner can get a job, perhaps teaching english or bartending (I only speak a little japanese)? I am basically looking to ski as much powder and have as much fun as possible this winter. Any help w
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