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  1. Originally Posted By: thursday interesting what you can do here. Do you like your boss? Do you intend to keep/get promoted in current job? Yes he's a great boss and the only reason he has asked me to book it is because he knows I study Japanese and have a strong interest in the culture etc. I'm afraid I know nothing about skiing though! Originally Posted By: Mada as those above already mention, there are a lot of options. where you send you boss also would depend on whether your boss would want not want any of the below: is the boss interested in a nightlife scene?.. is he
  2. Hello Basically, I am trying to book a skiing holiday for my boss and his two children, and I wasn’t too sure which way to go about this and thought this might be a good place. He attends a Canadian resort on a regular basis but thought Japan seemed like a nice place and he would like to try it out. I’m looking for a resort that is close to an airport as he only has a week in Japan and it would seem pointless if most of that time was spent travelling. He has also requested that his cabin is in a place where he can come out of his door and get going pretty much immediately. Although
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