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  1. Thanks for all your input peoples, and after many, many hours looking at resorts and places to stay, I finally decided on Nozawa Onsen and I got a pretty good package deal at Lodge Nagano. Everything we wanted and need seem to be covered in Nozawa, so I'm pretty happy with it and I can't wait for January! Since I live in Perth Western Australia, I have to go a long way to find snow, so it can't come soon enough! Thanks again - this site kicks ass!
  2. Ah, awesome, thanks SJForums, that will keep me busy for a while! I did try a couple of searches, but man, A LOT of stuff came up and I didn't know where to start!
  3. Thanks peoples, that's a good start for me I'll look a bit closer at those places and see which resorts in those spots would be suitable - I think I actually will need to put aside a few long nights and drinks to get through it all! Are there any specific resorts that anyone would recommend? I'd just like to narrow the search down a bit. Hopefully I can make it a week, well, it's actually 5 days, and I've been boarding in France before where we would do 3 straight days, then one day off, then 2 more days. So hopefully I can still match it. Thanks again
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums, as well as boarding in Japan, so please excuse an noobness I may display! Myself and a few mates will be going to Japan in January for the Tokyo Autosalon. We would then like to follow it up with a week of snowbording, so my question is, which area should we go to without going too far from Tokyo, and what would be some good budget resorts to stay at? We want a place where we can hire gear on site and be ski-in ski-out from our lodgings. Shiga Kogen seems to come up fairly often, but I am really green about all this and there is just way t
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