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  1. Originally Posted By: JaySee Originally Posted By: Journey Man Originally Posted By: snowhuntress I actually like the idea of a link from Annipuri to Moiwa. Hehehe, I think that is Blade's point, he likes Moiwa so wants it to stay quiet! Sorry Journey Man, but I think it's quiet hypocritical to agree to want to keep Moiwa quiet, but then go and blow the lid on the 'Kawa!? Whattup with that? There's nothing around the 'Kawa - don't bother going there... I can understand the idea of keeping it quiet. A little gem. Seriously though since the tour operators started taking cre
  2. Hmmm. How would I make Niseko better? Well truth be told I disagree with a lot of the points brought up about the smoking in restaurants, fox sports on telly (, stinky onsen water and fast food outlets. There was a KFC at the gondie. Damn there is a maccas in the gondora station at Happo and it rocks. Fast food is everywhere in Japan. The most I’ve witnessed out of North America. Wouldn’t make a dent. Smoking is Japan. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. My points… Bring back 100 noodle bar. Sad demise. Same as carpark yakitori. Its those cheesy eats I reckon I’d miss.
  3. Originally Posted By: ssar Our recent trip to Niseko could originally have been Hakuba instead. After hearing what you have said, as well as striking some fantastic conditions and lucky weather ourselves, I'm glad we chose Niseko over Hakuba this time. Your mention of very limited off-piste snowriding at Hakuba is very interesting - that sounds quite uninviting. Yea, we spent over 80% of our entire snowriding at Niseko off piste as well, and could have easily done so more.. And loved it. And this is my view as a skiier - loved poking off-piste around heaps of terrain around the va
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